Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wood Palette Project

This is another one of those easy projects that I just love!  The original idea came from some design magazine I picked up at Lowe's years ago (you know, one of those 100 design ideas under $100).

How to create this lovely display-

Start by finding yourself a wood palette.  This may seem tricky, but once you start looking, you'll see them everywhere.  If you know anyone in the construction, plumbing, heating and air, etc business, check with them.  Chances are good they have wood palettes lying all over the place.  If that doesn't work, try sweet talking your favorite home improvement store employee.  Really, these things are EVERYWHERE!

To hang your palette, start with good quality hooks.  Most hooks will tell you how much weight they will support, and I vote go high cause theses bad boys are heavy.  Also, make sure to follow the directions on attaching and hanging your hooks. 

When you actually hang the palette, the top of the palette (the solid wood part) should be hung against the wall with the bottom of the palette sticking out.  This will give you these nice little display shelves.  And you're done.  It's just that easy.

I do recommend popping some nails in if you plan on displaying breakables like plates (don't want them slipping and breaking).  There are tons of things you could display here, so don't feel limited.

Happy decorating!

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