Saturday, January 26, 2013

13 for 2013

Sorry for the short absence.  Between the holidays and starting back to work, life has been a bit nutty.  So much has changed since Ella's arrival and everything, from the smallest things (getting laundry done, going to the grocery store) to the biggest things (going out of town), requires a lot more planning.  Seth and I realized that there is a lot we want to do, both as a couple (read: without Ella) and as a family (with Ella), but in order to do anything of those things, we need to focus on planning (I sure do love a good plan).  So on New Years Day (and, yes, a New Years post is still fine since it is still January, right?), we sat down and outlined 13 fun things to do in 2013.  So without further ado, I give you...


1. Take Ella to the zoo

North Carolina has a pretty great zoo.  I loved going there as a child and I can't wait to introduce Ella to all the animals.  She is still on the young side for this one, so we'll be waiting until the Fall for this adventure.

2.  Go to the beach

Seth and I love the beach and NC has some pretty awesome beaches.  We are really looking forward to putting Ella in a silly little bathing suit and letting her explore the sand and sea.

3.  Go to Asheville without Ella

Asheville has a very special place in our hearts.  We have visited several times, including our mini moon following our wedding.  Since we didn't really get to celebrate our anniversary this year (Ella was born 3 days after our anniversary, interrupting plans we had for a fancy dinner), we are really hoping to get away for a night.

4.  Fancy Dinners: Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Seth's Birthday, Katie's Birthday

Greensboro has some pretty decent resturants and Seth and I always have a good time when we go out.  We love spending time as a family, but also want to make sure we set aside time for us.  Hence, we have already carved out 4 sure dates for dates.

5.  Family Picnic

I love picnics and I think it will be so much fun to spread out a blanket, watch Ella roll around, and eat some tasties in the sun.  This is one that we can do as soon as it gets warm out.

6.  Chapel Hill day trip

We think it will be a lot of fun to just get away for a day and luckily Chapel Hill is only a quick drive away.  We plan a tasty lunch, some times with friends, and a trip to the Trader Joes.

7.  Take Ella to the Children's Museum

Greensboro has a pretty awesome Children's museum from what we hear.  Apparently, they have a room for the little ones, so we'll be headed there once Ella is a bit more mobile.

8.  Red Oak Brewery Tour

This is another one for just Seth and I.  We have done a couple of winery visits and always had a blast, so it seems sensible to take a quick drive down the road to sample some really tasty beer.

9.  Katie and Seth run a 5K

In the past, Seth and I have run a 5K together on Thanksgiving.  Clearly, that didn't happen this year.  So, we'll be picking out another race and lacing up our shoes.  I am looking forward to a picture with Ella at the finish line.

10.  Visit Dad and Denise

My dad and his wife own a really awesome piece of land up in Virginia.  We had the pleasure of visiting them right before Christmas and are looking forward to heading back up once the weather warms up a bit.

11.  Visit Seth's Brother

Seth's brother and his family live outside of DC.  They have a daughter who is 11 months older than Ella.  We have a great time when we are with them and can't wait for Ella to be old enough to play with her cousin.

12.  Host a party

We have not done a great job of having people over to enjoy our house.  After Ella was born it was a lot of fun to have people drop by.  In the same vane, we are planning to host a party and we'll have plenty to celebrate.

13.  Go to a hockey game

Being from Nothern New York, Seth grew up playing hockey.  He loves the sport (and is pretty damn good at it).  Last year, we headed to a Hurricane's game and it was so much fun.  Now that the NHL strike is over we are looking forward to enjoying another game.

So those are our plans for 2013.  They are posted on our fridge, so we don't forget.  Having fun is a priority for us and I promise updates as we have these little adventures.

Anyone else planning anything fun for 2013?