Thursday, September 27, 2012

38 weeks

Size:  No matter how you look at it, she is a bowling ball (maybe a nice little 6 pounder, maybe a heavier 8 pounder).  Regardless, she is getting pretty close to her final birth weight. 

YAYS: First, as of last week, I am officially term.  That does not mean that baby is done baking, rather if she was born now, she likely would not need a stay in the NICU and would be headed home with us when I am discharged.  Two, clearly I have dropped.  She's been dropping little by little over the past few weeks, but she is officially "really low" according to my midwife (the exact quote "lord, your child is LOW!)."

NAYS: Surprisingly, I don't have any.  Folks keep saying "you must be miserable," but the truth is, I'm really not.  Compared to the misery that was the first trimester and the emotional upheavals of the 2nd and early 3rd trimesters, this is a walk in the park.  Sure, I'm kinda uncomfortable and moving is slow, but I have plenty of energy and am pretty upbeat- I will meet my daughter sometime in the next 4 weeks!

Happenings for the week:  We have gotten lots and lots done. First, we went on a little shopping binge and have everything (well most everything) that was on our "need for baby list."  I still have a bit more laundry and organizing to do, but I should be ready to post picture of the  nursery next week!  Also, we have the car seat bases installed (another check).  Tuesday night was our last birth and baby class and tonight is our infant/child CPR class, so we are almost done with classes (I just have a breastfeeding class next week).  So, basically we are prepared as we can be.  Note: I did not say ready- I don't think anyone is every really ready for a baby, but at least we are (mostly) prepared.

Monday, September 17, 2012

36 Weeks

Size: We had an ultrasound at our 36 weeks appointment and the tech is estimating her weight at around 7 lbs.  We do know she is a long baby, so she may end up being a big baby as well.  BUT, ultrasound estimates can also be way off, so at this point I am not too worried.

YAY: The ultrasound also confirmed that Ella is head down!  YAY!  AND I didn't gain any weight in the last 2 weeks, which is a really good feeling.

NAY: My midwife also checked me at the appointment.  I was really hoping that she would report that I was starting to efface or that some dilation was happening, but that just isn't the case.  In fact, she actually said "my cervix is like Alcatraz."  Of course, at this early in the game and with this being my first kiddo, it really doesn't mean anything.  Just like it wouldn't mean anything if I was running around 3 cm dilated. 

Happenings for the week: Seth and I spent some time last weekend working on our birth plan and we had the chance to talk it over with our doula and midwife.  Both were totally supportive of our wishes.  Actually, just about everything we want is standard practice of care for our midwife.  Some highlights include:
  • Being able to eat and drink during labor
  • Being able to labor free of time limits, as long as baby is doing a-okay
  • Avoiding purple pushing
  • Delaying babies assessments until after the initial bonding period (roughly 2 hours)
We are really excited about working with folks who are so supportive and open to our wishes (even if our wishes aren't anything too wacky).

Friday, September 7, 2012

35 weeks

And when did I get to be 8 months pregnant?!

Size: Little gal is still packing on the pounds.  She should be around 5 1/2 pounds or so.  We'll get a better estimate next week when we go for our 36 week appointment.  While she may be getting fatter, she shouldn't be getting much longer.  By this point most babies are roughly the length they are at birth.

YAYS:  New party trick- I can balance a cup on my belly while sitting down.  Its pretty handy. 

NAYS: I am terribly sad to report that stretch marks have appeared on my belly.  I thought that I had managed to avoid them, but not so much.  It seems like each day another one pops up. 

Also, sleep is really hard to come by these days.  Between back and hip pain, Braxton Hicks contractions, having to pee all night long, and general insomnia,  I have more bad nights than good nights and that is leaving me feeling really worn down. 

Happenings for the week:  We finally picked a  pediatrician!  Its not that this was a hard task, it just took us a while to get to.  We actually only met with one pediatrician (who came highly recommended by a colleague) and really liked her, so we just went with it.  Some of the things that sealed the deal for me:
  • Everyone at the practice was so friendly!  I felt very comfortable.  The office is very kid friendly without feeling like a germ factory (does that make sense?).
  • The nurse who brought us back volunteers as a lactation consultant at one of the local hospitals.  She also makes herself available to all the practices' patients.  Its very nice to know that there is so much support around for breastfeeding.
  • The pediatrician really took her time to answer all our questions.  I didn't feel rushed at any point. She also talked to us like intelligent people.  She really explained her position on things (like vaccines) and used scientific evidence to support her positions.  She treats parents like partners and offers options instead of just pushing one right way to do things.
  • AND if everything works out, the practice is actually moving locations.  The new location would be SO much closer to home, Seth's job, and daycare.  That is a big bonus.