Monday, September 17, 2012

36 Weeks

Size: We had an ultrasound at our 36 weeks appointment and the tech is estimating her weight at around 7 lbs.  We do know she is a long baby, so she may end up being a big baby as well.  BUT, ultrasound estimates can also be way off, so at this point I am not too worried.

YAY: The ultrasound also confirmed that Ella is head down!  YAY!  AND I didn't gain any weight in the last 2 weeks, which is a really good feeling.

NAY: My midwife also checked me at the appointment.  I was really hoping that she would report that I was starting to efface or that some dilation was happening, but that just isn't the case.  In fact, she actually said "my cervix is like Alcatraz."  Of course, at this early in the game and with this being my first kiddo, it really doesn't mean anything.  Just like it wouldn't mean anything if I was running around 3 cm dilated. 

Happenings for the week: Seth and I spent some time last weekend working on our birth plan and we had the chance to talk it over with our doula and midwife.  Both were totally supportive of our wishes.  Actually, just about everything we want is standard practice of care for our midwife.  Some highlights include:
  • Being able to eat and drink during labor
  • Being able to labor free of time limits, as long as baby is doing a-okay
  • Avoiding purple pushing
  • Delaying babies assessments until after the initial bonding period (roughly 2 hours)
We are really excited about working with folks who are so supportive and open to our wishes (even if our wishes aren't anything too wacky).

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