Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simple Project: Calendar Art

Even before becoming a disciple of Young House Love, I have always been a big fan of using what you got.  That was certainly the case when it came to decorating the guest bedroom.

The guest bedroom has been fully functional for a while now (paint on walls, bed, bedside tables, dresser), but has lacked pizazz.  I am a big believer in pizazz.  Luckily, pizazz has been achieved. But first let me back up a step...

I love having a calendar in the kitchen and for 2010 we enjoyed this lovely-
image source
Not wanting to simply toss this beauty out and recognizing that the guest bedroom needed a lift, I came up with an easy solution.  I framed each month and hung them.  Easy peasy, right?  Want to see?
Fun right?
Directions on how to make your own fabulous calendar art
1- Start by measuring your calendar, pick up frames that are the same size or slightly smaller.  These frames came from Michaels and we're around $8.00 for a two pack.  Cheap and Easy= LOVE
2- If you picked out smaller frames, cut your pictures down to size.  I find it helpful to place a ruler or long level on the page you are cutting so that your knife (I use a box cutter) can follow the line more easily
3- frame 'em
4- hang 'em.  In order to hang them, first measure and draw out (in pencil) a nice grid pattern.  Pop your nails in and erase your pencil lines (magic erasers work great for this).

In total, this project was less than $50.00 and took less than 2 hours to fully complete.  And I totally love the results.  Happy projecting!

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