Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not Your Typical Sunday Morning

Grab a cup coffee and get comfy because I have a story for you.

At 7:00am this morning, Seth and I were awakened by the sound of a crash, followed by the dogs barking. 

Seth asked "Did you hear that?"

I responded "It sounded like a car crash."

Seth got up to investigate.  Next thing I know, Seth yelled for me to call 911, which I did, as there was a car lodged in our front yard.  The car was still running, Seth couldn't get the driver side door open and the driver was slumped over in the passenger side seat.

The police quickly arrived, followed by a firetruck and ambulance.  The driver side door was removed using the jaws of life and the driver was loaded onto a gurney and taken to the hospital.  Fortunately, the driver did regain consciousness and appeared to be in pretty good shape with only a broken nose and gash on his face. 

During all of this, a young women showed up and provided a bit of a back story.  It seems that the driver was her ex-boyfriend.  He was intoxicated and they got into a fight, at which point he told her he was going back to his dorm and took off (the young woman lives two houses down from us).  He must have picked up a bit of speed quickly to do the damage that he did.

We didn't take any pictures until the car was towed away (we felt it was disrespectful), but I do have some of the aftermath to share.
The car ended up resting against the pine tree, with the noise of the car pointing towards the front of our house.  Based on the direction he was traveling, he spun around at some point before ramming into our yard.
When the driver crashed, he knocked over one of our dogwoods, which came through the fence.  Other than losing the tree and two camellias, this was the only real damage done to our property.  The passenger side window was shattered, which I imagine happened when he hit the tree.  There is a lot of glass, but fortunately most of it is on the outside of the fence.
Ever seen the base of a fire hydrant?  Now you have!  We had a fire hydrant in our front yard, which the driver hit.  Fun Fact:  fire hydrants (or at least ours) have a safety valve on them, so that when something like this happens, water doesn't come gushing out, meaning no geyser in our yard. 
And lastly, the resting place of the fire hydrant.  This location is a good 15 feet away from where its supposed to me and let me tell you, those things are heavy!

So there you have it folks, our very exciting Sunday morning.  It really happened so fast, the car was towed away and the last of the police officers were gone by 8:30.

I hope everyone else has a less eventful day and enjoys the Super Bowl tonight!!

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