Thursday, February 3, 2011

Introducing: My Silly Little Family

To adequately understand my little domestic life, you must first meet my silly little family.

This picture is one of my favorites of my husband, Seth.  It was taken on our wedding day, as ee worked to move our home theater surround sound onto the roof so we could have music during the ceremony.  He did a fantastic job and the music was enjoyed by all.

Matilda is a 4 1/2 year old beagle/german shepard mix.  Seth and I adopted her from a shelter when we were living in Roanoke, VA.  She sure was a cute puppy.  Her hobbies include barking, chasing squirrels and begging for food.


Ava is a 1 1/2 year old terror.  To properly tell Ava's story, we have to back up a bit.  While house hunting in late spring, Seth and I came across a lack luster house with a kitten sitting on the front step.  Seth was immediately in love with this skinny little kitten and as all of the neighbor's identified him as a stray, he came home with us.  Mack quickly grew into a big lazy, hilarious cat.  Sadly, in December 2009, Mack went walk-about and never returned. Although we still miss him very much, his absence made us realize how much we loved having a kitty around.

Enter Ava.  We adopted her March 2010 from the Guilford County Animal Shelter.  She is absolutely fearless and loves to be in high places.  She also enjoys knocking things over and chasing her canine siblings.

Lastly- THE BABY
Oliver is truly the baby of the family.  He is a 9 month old pitt-bull/boxer/who knows what mix, who was picked up running around dirty, hungry and wormy in an apartment complex.  I quickly claimed him as mine and he came to live with us the next day.  Oliver is happiest when he is being cuddled.  He also enjoys excessively licking his people and trying to make his sisters play with him.  He's a bundle of energy!

And one last picture because it makes me smile-
Have a happy Thursday!

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