Saturday, June 30, 2012

25 Weeks

Thursday marked 25 weeks of pregnancy.  Only 15(ish) weeks to go!

SIZE:  Little buttercup is roughly 13 inches long and weighing in around 1 1/2 lbs.  At this point, girlfriend looks like a really skinny baby, but will start putting on fat rapidly (I am sure I will be following her lead).

YAYS:  It amazes me each week how much stronger her movements are.  She is really thumping around.  Seth likes to talk to her, which I find pretty sweet.

NAYS:  It's definitely summer and its hot.  Honestly, the heat doesn't bother me too much.  I do find that I get dehydrated really easily.  And to beat the heat, I am trying to walk in the mornings, which means getting up even earlier.   But I've been waking up naturally around 5:30 am anyway, so I guess that's not such a big deal.

HAPPENINGS FOR THE WEEK:  This week, we had 2 major events.

First, we picked out and enrolled Ella in daycare.  Sadly, Seth and I are not in a place financially where we can afford for either of us to stay home full time, so that means daycare.  I did a lot of research and we ended up visiting two highly rated facilities.  Before we visited, Seth and I discussed at length what was most important to us in childcare and we realized that at this stage in her life, we just want someone to snuggle her and make sure she is breathing. 

The first place we visited was pretty awesome.  The two women in the infant room were highly credentialed and the facility was very mellow over all.  The only thing that turned us off a bit was an emphasis on letting the infant work through their emotions.  While I am sure there is strong evidence to support this approach, Seth and I feel that if our infant daughter is upset, someone needs to comfort her.  We don't necessarily feel that she would be at the correct stage of development to work through it herself.  Also, it was prohibitively expensive.

The second facility was great.   It was definitely more mainstream when it comes to daycare facilities.  What sold us on this place were the two wonderful women who work in the infant room.  One of these awesome ladies has been with the facility for 33 years (the other woman has been in infant care for 26 years and with this facility for 9 years) and when I asked her what she likes about taking care of babies, she said "cause you can kiss on 'em even when they are being bad."  Music to a neurotic mother's ears.  I know (because I saw it) that these women will treat Ella like their own.  Plus this facility is close to home, on the way to Seth's office, totally accommodating (they are cool with drop by visits, a flexible schedule, and cloth diapering) and we can totally afford them.  Daycare win.

Second, we attended an information session on water births.  I was already pretty sold on the idea, but I knew Seth needed a little more information.  After hearing all the benefits (some of the big ones: a faster birth, less trauma on the mama, and a pretty serene infant), he was on board.  So the next step is to find a doula who supports water births and start looking at tubs.  I'll have more information on that as we get there.

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