Friday, June 8, 2012

22 weeks

Yes, I know I skipped a 21 week update.  SORRY!  But here we are, week 22, also known as 5 months!  Also know as my belly is officially sticking out farther than my boobs (a fact Seth likes to point out regularly).  Holy cow!  And girl is getting big.  She is roughly the size of a butternut squash (one of my favorite squashes) and is weighing in around a pound.  Her movements are getting really strong (she thumps around pretty good).  Seth has even gotten to feel her when she decides to cooperate. 

I still feel pretty good.  I am a bit tired, as I can't sleep through the night (I get uncomfortable really easily), but I figure that's a thing of the past anyway.  We all know how much babies like to sleep through the night!

I've written fairly frequently about what we are doing to prepare a space for the baby, but haven't touched on other plans.  On June's to-do list (Seth, I hope you are reading this 'cause I don't think I've shared these with you) are finding a doula, finding day care, and finding a pediatrician.  As I have started on none of these, look forward to an update sometime soon!

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