Thursday, August 30, 2012

34 Weeks

Sorry for the absence last week- things are certainly getting busier the closer we get to go time.

Size: Girlfriend is packing on the pounds and should be weighing in around 5 lbs. at this point.  The good news about her size is that at this point an earlier arrival (please no) would likely mean only a very short stay in the NICU and limited developmental delays.

YAYS: I think my nesting instinct has started to kick in.  I woke up the other night with the incredible urge to repaint every room in the house.  Luckily the logical side of my brain told the pregnant side to go back to bed and so far no painting has occurred.

NAYS:  Pretty much the same- heartburn and occasional backaches.  Plus I had the mother of all pregnancy melt downs last week (we're talking 2 hours of ugly cry- my husband is a saint).  But the biggest nay of all is that little bit does not have her head down.  She prefers an oblique presentation (horizontal, rather than vertical), so the pressure is on to get that straightened out by my 36 week appointment.

Happenings for the last 2 weeks: Two big things happened in the last 2 weeks.  First, my boss and his wife very generously threw a shower for Seth and me.  The shower was wonderful and my coworkers were so generous.  I swear, we have a solid supply of diapers, wipes, and baby soap.  Thank goodness for all the veteran moms in my office.  Funny note- I asked some of those mamas for some advice and one coworkers said to me "there will come a time when you want to, but really, don't shake the baby.  Just put her down, let her cry, and pull yourself together.  But don't shake the baby."  That's some pretty solid advice.

And on Tuesday, we started our birth and baby class.  Truthfully, Seth and I can't stand the instructor and the chairs in the education center are terribly uncomfortable.  I mean really, these things are held at the labor and delivery hospital in Greensboro- clearly very pregnant ladies will be using these chairs, is a little comfort too much to ask for?  We have 4 more classes, so here's hoping that they get better...

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