Saturday, August 18, 2012

32 weeks

Size:  Little one is roughly 4 lbs., which is about the same weight as a large jicama (seriously?  Where do they come up with these comparisons?).  From here til delivery, she should gain roughly 1/2 lb. a week, making my own weight gain not so bad (just blame it on the baby).

YAY:  So after weeks (months) of playing the cranky pregnant lady, I read this great post on Offbeat Mama.  The whole post was about how isolating pregnancy can be, expect that really, as a mama to be, you're not alone.  This time is all about Ella and me, just the two of us.  I know things about her that no one else knows (like when she moves), and that is special.  That is something that will always be between us.  While there is no danger of me becoming a happy, glowy pregnant lady, I am at least trying to remember that this time is special and should be enjoyed as much as possible.  Plus the heartburn has gotten a bit better and that'll put anybody in a good mood.

NAY:  After packing on 4 lbs. in just two weeks, I finally got the talking to.  My overall weight gain is still okay (not great), but I do need to slow it down just a little bit.

Happenings for the week:  We had a meeting with our fabulous doula.  She came over and we talked a lot above positioning, mainly ways to get your pelvis to open up more.  While I am less than thrilled to be doing lots and lots of squats, I know that it will be beneficial once we hit go time.

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  1. If I start doing squats right now can I deliver immediately!?