Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow? Part 3

Friends, I am sorry for all the yard/garden heavy posts, but with daffodils and bradford pears in bloom all around me, I just can't help myself.  But I promise after this post and 1 or 2 more, I will get off the gardening for a while... maybe... no promises.

More importantly, it is finally time for me to share my plans for our butterfly/ hummingbird garden.  Having done a bit of research, it seems that hummingbirds are really the most flaming of little birds.  They love red and they love gaudy.  As I do not love red or gaudy, this presented a bit of a challenge...

Already in the space, we have a butterfly bush (there used to be two, but Oliver decided that one of them looked like an awfully fun chew toy), herbs (rosemary, sage, oregano and thyme), a knockout rose bush, and agastache rupestris.  To that, we will be adding...

Bee Balm
Rose Moss
And darling sister #2 gifted us with a lovely hummingbird feeder for a our wedding, which will be displayed right in the middle of this madness.  I certainly think we have accomplished a gaudy, yet fun display and I am terribly excited to see if we actually attract any hummingbirds.

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