Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How Does Your Garden grow? Part 2

Window boxes!  Oh how I love window boxes, they bring a certain whimsical cottage charm to any abode.  This spring, I will be building and installing window boxes on the front of our house.  I promise a tutorial once I finally getting around to doing that...

But for now, lets focus on what will be in these darling window boxes.  I decided to try and keep them pretty simple since this is my first attempt with window boxes.

For height, we have...
Flowering Tobacco
Not only is this festive little plant supposed to smell heavenly, my husband is a cigar smoker and the thought of growing "tobacco" is pretty awesome for him. 

And to add some drama, we have these...
Celebrity Red Petunias
Normally, I am not such a big fan of petunias at all.  But we do have plans for a hummingbird garden and apparently those quick little birds just love petunias.  Especially, flashy, tacky, red one.

So there you have it- the plans for the window boxes.

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