Friday, May 4, 2012

Back Again... and Pregnant

So I pulled a disappearing act again- so sorry.  I know you all have not been able to live with yourselves without my little projects and updates.  But I have a really good excuse this time.

So January, I was moving along on that pantry project.  And then I got really tired, like "OMG, I can't function or get off the couch tired."  That should have been my first sign something was up...  You see we had a little oopsie in the middle of January.  And I was sure we were fine...  but maybe not.  And every time I asked the magic8 ball online if I was pregnant, it always said yes.  Please note that magic8 balls are always right. So after a particularly odd day, I told Seth we needed to take a test.  And before I could even set that bad boy down to start the timer, they yes-you're-pregnant-freak-out-now line popped up.  So I freaked out.  And so did Seth.  This wasn't our plan at all.  But I found a doctor and made an appointment and they did the blood test thing.  So we scheduled more appointments.  And they found a heart beat really early.  And somewhere along the way, we got really excited.  So baby G is on his/her way!

So, here I am in week 17 (the baby is the size of a turnip!).  The nausea and holy hell tiredness have been gone for about a month.  School is over for the semester.  So its time to blog again.  I have energy and time, which equals projects.  Seth and I plan to start shopping for the nursery this weekend (yes, I am a neurotic planner, so nice of you to notice), so you can expect updates on that.  And my grandmother is getting married at the end of the month and I am planning her wedding (that story deserves a post in itself), so you can expect some fun crazy posts about that.  And I have pregnancy updates.  And I have to finish that damn pantry project.  So for now, I am back.  You  may celebrate with non-alcoholic sparkling cider.

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