Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Storms Coming

Storm door that is...  Sorry, I couldn't resist the batman reference (Seth is way too excited about the new one). 
On with the point, if you remember, our house has two front doors and no back door.  Both front doors have storm doors, which is nice because it lets us leave the doors open when we are home (more light and air flow).  The first front door got updated when Oliver broke through it about a year ago.  Long story short, my dad brought his dog, Bishop, over to see if all the puppies could be friends.  It seems Oliver thought he had enough friends and decided that Bishop must die.  Seeing as how we didn't want Bishop to die, we put Oliver inside.  He jumped on the door, smashed through it, cutting his chin in the process.  Much blood and chaos ensued.  The good news is no puppy (or human) was too badly injured and we got a new storm door out of the whole thing.

So this weekend, Seth and I (Seth) really got around to updating the other door.  The old door was in bad shape:

Please note two features:  One the obvious dent in the bottom of the door.  I'm not sure where that came from, but it's not attractive.  Two, if you look right above the dent, you can see where the screen in torn and Seth sewed it back together.  We figured out that Ava could fit through the hole in the screen (there's another fun animal story), so we tried stitching up the screen.  That didn't work so well, so we generally left the screen closed, meaning no air flow. 

So a trip to Lowes and a few hours late, we had this:
Major improvement right?  So much nicer, more secure, and we can open the screen.  AND it matches the other front door...
A major YAY if I do say so myself.  AND a big thank you to my hubby for his work on getting the new door in.

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