Thursday, May 10, 2012

Making Room for Baby: Part 1

To answer the obvious questions:  Yes, I am only 4 months pregnant and yes, I am freaking out about getting everything done, including setting up the nursery.  I like to call myself a planner, others just say I'm neurotic.  Whatever the label is, the result is still the same: we have started to put together the nursery.

When we moved in, we decided that the computer room (the man room) would become the nursery when a baby came along.  We painted it a nice green that we figured would work well in the future because lets face it, I hate painting.  And yes, this does mean that Seth is losing "his" room.  Don't feel bad for him.  Its not like I have a room just full of my shit and don't say "the whole house is the woman's domain," because Seth has had a hand in every single color/design/decorating decision in that house. 

So back to the point, Seth thought it would be a good idea to start with a dresser since we will eventually  need some place to put all the stuff that comes along with a baby.  So dresser hunting we went!  We were looking for a pretty specific size (about 3" tall, 4" long, and 2" wide), so choices were limited.  Finally, we found a sweet little Ethan Allen piece at my favorite consignment shop, The Red Collection

Once home, we went to moving furniture around.

To start, lets take a moment to remember the man room as it was:
Looking in from the hall

Looking back out towards the hall- that room is NARROW
The plan was for the dresser to go where the desk current is, which means first the desk had to move.  We figured that we could move it to the big living space and it would work just fine.

The verdict: we really like where the desk is.  Side note: Henry (did I ever mention we got another damn cat? Well we did, and he's pretty alright for a cat), who has tummy issues anyway, got really nervous about all the moving around and boy did he stink that room up... Lord, cat farts are bad.

So back to the babies room... In went the dresser:

And it fits perfectly!  There is a closet to the right of the dresser, so we needed room to open those doors.  Plus we plan to use the dresser as a changing table as well, so there is room for a diaper pail to the left of the dresser.  I plan on adding some festive curtains to frame the window and the whole wall.

Want to take a closer look:
This little beauty is solid wood and surprisingly heavy.  It has three awesome drawers.  I do think we need to update the hardware a bit, but that's nothing a little spray paint can't handle.
The first drawer has one divider and isn't terrible deep.  This seems like a good spot for wipes and various baby stuff (socks?  hats?)
The second drawer is much deeper and has three dividers.  We plan to cloth diaper, so this seems like the perfect space to separate prefolds, covers, and workhorse/ AIOs (I sure do hope I got those terms right.  Cloth diapering is complicated)
The last drawer is also pretty deep.  I figure this where the actual clothes have to go. 

So there you have: the first edition of making room for baby.  To finish the room we still need a crib, mattress, bookshelf, and chair of some sort (glider or rocking?).  I also plan to make curtains, a crib skirt, and fashion up some new lighting.  Stay tuned as there will be more baby updates to come (as well as some non-fetus related posts as well- I promise!)

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  1. Love the green! We did the same thing with our future nursery when we moved into our house, and the yellow has been lovely. Although we did have to forgo the purple-and-green-elephant bedding for something that would work a little better. But I don't think Genevieve will mind.

    Anyway, we are cloth diapering and I love it! It is a little complicated, but so worth it. I'd love to talk with you about what works for us (everyone is different), and where we've gotten good deals on diapers. The most important thing I can tell you as you collect your stash, though, is that newborns don't fit into the one size (OS) covers/AIOs. Period. You'll need something to get your little one through the first month or more (Genevieve is still in all the newborn diapers at 2 months and 10 lbs, and most of the AIOs don't fit yet).