Monday, September 5, 2011

The Closet Saga Continued

When last we touched on my obsession with shoes and a too small closet, I had coerced Seth into helping me install a second shelf for shoes.  Catch up on that fun here.  Clearly that was a step in the right direction, but far from finished. 

A couple Saturday's ago, Seth had planned a day with at the cigar store and I seized my opportunity to finish updates to my closet.

I started by pulling everything (except some shoes) out of my closet...
 YIKES!  This is why I waited until I know Seth would occupied all day long....

 No hangy stuff to get in the way...
The plan was to bust out those back shelves and add 2 new hangy racks, thus freeing up a ton of space.  So that I did...

Goodbye nasty shelves!

From there, I popped in a way back hangy bar.  To get the right distance from the back wall, I took a hanger and placed it on the wall, providing me with the amount of distance from the wall I would need to have enough space to hang things.  Did that sentence even make sense?
Installing hangy bars is super simple.  You can buy the little cuppy things that the bar sets in from Lowes for super cheap.  They just screw in and you can set your bar in.

In no time, I had my new hangy bars in.  Now, I know what you're thinking, how is this gonna work?  Two bars?!  How will I get to the back bar?  Strategery, my friends, that's how.
I packed the back with items I rarely use, like my wedding dress and the prom dresses my mom sent to live with me.  If I do ever need these items, I can push the items on the first bar out of the way.  Not terribly easy to do, but it'll work.
As I lost valuable shoe space by knocking out the shelves, the second hangy bar got a hanging shoe rack and it also currently housing all hoodies.  Once winter rolls around, I'll probably switch out the hoodies for sun dresses.  So easy and organized.  I swear, I impress myself sometimes.
And finally in the front, I added a hanging sweater thang, as they were previously living on a shelf.  The bonus is that my sweaters are much easier to access now and as sweaters are a year round thing for me, this is good. 

Just as an additional reference point, the old shelvy area/new hangy area, would be to the left of the closet.  Not a great design, as it it totally inaccessible.

This project was actually completed a few weeks ago, and I am shocked, but pleased, to report that this area still looks like this.  Good design is usable and allows for things to easily stay organized.  WIN!

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