Monday, August 29, 2011

Presto Chango

The end of this month marks 2 years since Seth and I have been in our little house.  And with few (no?) exceptions, the furniture is pretty much in the exact space it landed on move in day.  For the most part, this is a good thing.  When we move, we take our time arranging furniture to make sure we like everything.  But our living room, man, the room was just not working for us.

When we originally arranged the furniture, we placed the couch in the middle of the room, so that the fireplace would be the focal point of the room. This was a great idea (not really) and it meant that things were nice and cozy the 3 days a year we actually have a fire going.  The rest of the year, the room just felt cramped.
This is what the room looked like when you walked in it.  As you can see, there is no room to move about.
This is the view if you turn left.  See, no room?
Turn left again, and you can see that the couch is scooted as far back as possible, while still keeping an area for walking too and from the door.
And out last wall is taken up by a huge beautiful window and a kitty condo (so not proud of that).  And you can see how Matilda lies on the couch cushions, effectively squishing them so far out of shape, they are virtually useless.  Thanks, dog.

So with this in mind, Seth and I decided that we had to rehash this space.  It just wasn't right.  The room isn't huge, but it shouldn't be that tight.  And believe it or not, the couch is actually the right size for the room, but the placement is allowing for total couch domination.

We started by pulling all the furniture out....
And Seth got to vacuum the whole room...

Now that we had a nice, clean work space, we moved furniture around... a lot.  Sadly, no pictures of this process because I was helping.  Believe it.

We figured pretty quickly that everything hinged on where the couch went...  And as much as I am anti-counch-against-the-wall, Seth was right and it worked out...

So the couch went on the big wall, across from the window, making the window the new and lovely focal point...
The leather chair moved to where the kitty condo had been (the kitty condo went to live in the guest bedroom- sorry guests!).
The bookcase stayed where it was.  If you had asked me before we started this process, I would have put money on the bookcase moving...
The orignial TV stand went to the garage for Seth to use and the dresser we ganked from the side of the road took its place.  The dresser holds part of our extremely too large DVD collection.
And the room was done.  This room is totally functional now.  I am so happy with the amount of space we have.  Seth and I can happily watch a movie and not feel like we have to be on top of each other.  The dogs have room to play and we have room to move. Of course, this move around has made me notice how much this room looks like a bunch of college kids decorated it... Lets just say, I'm working on it and plan to show you an easy project later.

Anybody else have fun adventures in furniture moving?

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