Monday, August 22, 2011

Sorry, Friends

I know, I know.  I have been a very bad, no good, absentee blogger lately.  Well, all summer.  But its been a freakin crazy summer.  So let's back up to memorial day...

  • My dad and his wife own 93 awesome acres of land in Rockbridge County, Virginia.  They were kind enough to host Seth and me for memorial day.  It was lovely and relaxing as always.  The big house is currently being built on "the land," so I look forward to showing you this fantastic place.
  • The first week of June, I said goodbye to a dear coworker and welcomed another one.
  • And then I left for my 5 year reunion at Hollins.  Great time, lots of laughing, some minor trouble making and lots of gin.  That's all I have to say about that.  Much like Vegas, what happens at Hollins, stays at Hollins.  I sure do love my college girlfriends and can't wait to be with them all again.
  • And then I went on a work retreat.  Painful, right?  The biggest highlight being a cooking lesson with Chef Elliott of Elliott's on Linden.  This food was beyond amazing and I have some sweet meals to share with you.  In fact, I better get on that so you can enjoy these summery treats before the leaves start changing...
  • And then Seth got a new job! Woo hoo for a happily employed honey.
  • And then I took a couple days off and banged out an awesome project.  In fact, I have all the picture lined up, except the "after" picture.  Oh those pesky details...
  • And then it was the 4th of July...  Damn.
  • And then Seth and I celebrated 6 years of being together.  Short version of the story- on a wonderfully starry night at Camp Hilltop, where Seth and I were both counselors, he was walking me back to my cabin (yes, I am scared of the dark) and he kissed me.  The rest is history.
  • And then our sweet Matilda Bean turned 5!
  • And then we went to the Ridge.  Glory Ridge is a camp in Madison County, NC, about 25 miles north of Asheville.  Madison County is one of the poorest counties in NC.  Each year, our youth group heads up for a week of fun, fellowship and hard work helping to do home repairs in the surrounding area.  This year, I lead my very own project!  Hurrah!  And then, my sister suprised us and flew in from California and showed up at the Ridge.  BEST.  WEEK. EVER.
  • And then it was August.  And I hadn't done anything for my dear husbands birthday.  So I scrambled and I did okay.
  • And then we went to DC for my sister in laws baby shower.  Yes, that's right Seth and I are going to be an Uncle and an Aunt and we are thrilled.  
  • And then my grandmother turned 80.   But first she has to have emergency hernia surgery 6 days before her party.  But miraculously she got better and was released as soon as her boyfriend showed up. Yes, my 80 year old grandmother has a boyfriend, don't ask.
  • And that  brings us to today.
So really, friends, I am so sorry for my absence.  But I am back.  Kiss and make up?

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