Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Hazzards of Pet Ownership: Take 2

Last night, I had to work late and arrived home with a massive headache.  Fortunately, my darling husband had dinner made and Chuck queued up in the DVD player.  All in all, not a bad evening, and then...

Let me back up for just a moment first.  The weather here has been lovely and we just love having our windows open.  The kitchen door has a screen, but sadly, due to wear and tear it developed some holes and rips.  A couple of weeks ago we noticed that Ava could fit her little head through one of those holes.  Seth attempted to fix the holes and we didn't think much of it.  That is until one night, when Seth noticed a new much larger and a missing kitty.  Luckily, after a little panic on our part, we found Ava hanging out in one of my garden beds.

So back to last night, it was way hot and stuffy in the kitchen and Ava seemed to be down for the evening, so it seemed pretty safe to open the screen and let a breeze in.  You can see where this is going...

I was in the middle of getting ready for bed- contacts out, teeth brushed, night shirt on (a lovely picture, I assure you).  I was just cleaning out my stinky gym bag when I heard Seth yell "I think the cat got out again."  Sure enough, Ava was no where to be found.  I quickly joined Seth outside on the Hunt for the Little Gray Kitty.  Seth quickly figured out that the freaked out kitty has hidden herself beneath our neighbors very big van.  We tried everything we could to coax her out, but girlfriend was not budging.

Seth suggested that I run inside and grab a string that Ava likes to see if we could tempt her out with that.  I ran back inside, where both Matilda and Oliver were running around all jacked up.  As I made my way back out of the kitchen, Oliver made a break for it.  Yes, we now have two pets running wild through the neighborhood and 1 inside barking nonstop.  Seth ran after Oliver (I was wearing only a night shirt, luckily it was long and no shoes) and I continued to try and figure out how to get the cat our from underneath the car.

Seth finally got a hold of Oliver after a mad dash around the neighborhood.  Fortunately, one of our neighbors also has a compost pile, and y'all know how much Oliver loves compost.  That gave Seth the chance to catch the big guy.  Once Seth deposited Oliver back in the house, we were both pretty cranky and more than ready to finish this game of capture the kitty.

Noting that gentle coaxing had not worked, I decided it was time to scare the kitty.  I grabbed a rank and scratched under the car.  Fortunately, Ava went running straight for the garage.  Major success.  We closed the garage door, chased her a bit more and finally trapped her in a corner.  Kitty-0, Seth and Katie-2.  Thus ends our Tuesday night adventure.

Anyone else have naughty pets?

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