Monday, November 19, 2012

Lets Talk Turkey...

Or rather, lets not, since I don't plan to make a turkey (blasphemy I know).  But lets back just a bit...  This Thanksgiving, we will be hosting Seth's family- his mom, brother, sister in law, and 13 month old niece.  I am very excited to see my in laws and celebrate Ella's first Thanksgiving. 

But, like I said, I will not be making a turkey.  Simply, neither Seth nor I like turkey.  I find even  the best cooked turkey to be boring and I don't like boring when it comes to my food.

The only turkey we'll see on Thursday is the one on Ella's sweet bottom
So what will I be cooking?  So glad you asked...

Before dinner, I will have a few cheeses, some crackers, hummus, carrots and celery set our for munching.  I know one of the cheeses will be have to be goat cheese since Miss E seems to have a dairy sensitivity and I cannot say no to a cheese plate.

The star of the dinner will be a pork crown roast with a pecan apple stuffing.  We will also have braised kale, glazed carrots, cranberry sauce, spiced peaches if I can find them) and my mother in law's mashed taters.  I am sure my papa would be ashamed that I am skipping the picked watermelon rind...

And for dessert I will be making a pecan pie and an apple pie.

Most of these recipes are new to me, so there is always the chance that some dishes will fall flat.  However, I am pretty selective about choosing recipes, so I am hopeful that everything will turn out a-okay.  Plus everything seems pretty straight forward, so kitchen chaos should be minimal.  I'll be back sometime after the holiday with a full debrief.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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