Friday, October 12, 2012

2 weeks later

Yesterday was Ella's due date and today marks 2 weeks since she has come into our lives.  It seems only fitting to have one more post, done in the same style as all the updates I have done over the past months.

Size: Ella was really good at gaining weight while gestating and the trend  has continued.  She was 7lbs. 11oz at birth.  Her discharge weight was 7lbs 6oz and by one week old she was already up to 7lbs 15oz.  And today, she weighed in at 8lbs. 9oz.  What a chunk!  Of course, this is all good because she is eating well and growing like she is supposed to.  And for me, I gained right at 30 lbs. during pregnancy.  As of today, I am down 22 lbs. and feeling really good.  Its odd that I am still so far away from my happy weight, but I have never felt smaller or skinner in my life.  Its pretty awesome.

YAYS:  Umm, hello, Ella is here- biggest YAY EVER!  The past 2 weeks have been exhausting, but beyond rewarding.  Pregnancy may have sucked, but being a mom is wonderful.

NAYS:  I did  not have an easy labor and delivery and am still recovering.  Its pretty frustrating- I am so used to being on the go all the time and I simply cant do that right now.  So I am doing what I can to try and balance my need for rest and recovery with my need to stay busy and escape the house.  And there is that whole I haven't slept for more than 2 hours at a time in over 2 weeks, but I totally expected that.

Happenings for the last 2 weeks: Ella came 2 weeks early, which was entirely unexpected.  That meant that both Seth and I had lots of stuff that was still up in the air.  I was counting on 2 more weeks to train the temp at work and was planning to get way ahead in with my grad school work for the semester.  Work is also nuts for Seth right now.  This means that I have spent hunks of the last 2 weeks trying to get stuff done, which has been exhausting and stressful.  And poor Seth has also been pulled in a million different directions.  The up side is that surviving the last 2 weeks without killing each other or threatening divorce means that I think we can get through just about anything.  Hurrah for parenthood!

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